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My Documents Redirection?

I am runnning SBS and i have just created a new user in AD. i have roaming profiles setup and everything seems to work corectly however the my documents foler is gettin directed to the administrators documents (\SERVERNAME\user docs$\administrator\My Documents) how do i redirect this to the new users my documents folder?

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Hi focusen,

My Documents folder redirection is handled by the Configure My Documents Folder Redirection Wizard.
You can find this wizard in the Users area of the Server Management Console.
Also, if you want to use roaming profiles, use this link:

focusenAuthor Commented:
everyone elses account gets directed to their own my documents folder allready. i am only having this problem with this one new user. the old tech has the documents pointed to the folder on \\SERVER\user docs$. but for some reason this new user i created is getting the administrators documents instead of their own.
Jeffrey Kane - TechSoEasyPrincipal ConsultantCommented:
All users should ONLY be created with the Add User wizard and the appropriate User Template.  You should not manually create users on an SBS, and I would guess that you may have not created them in the default OU (\MyBusiness\Users\SBSUsers) which is required on SBS in order to keep it's full functionality.

SBS is NOT a Standard SERVER 2003.  It's a pre-configured server that has many services that you would never consider putting in one box if you didin't have the tools SBS provides to keep everything in order.

Please review http://sbsurl.com/itpro for an explanation of this.

Then, once you've added your users correctly, you should run the My Documents Folder Redirection Wizard which will configure all of that for you.  The default User share is not \\SERVER\user docs$, it's \\SERVER\Users\%username%\My Documents, but this is handled by the wizard anyhow.


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