Setting Nokia IP380 with Checkpoint FW-1 NG back to factory settings...

Hello Nokia geniuses,

I have a Nokia IP380 firewall that I want to sell.  I know zero about the Checkpoint FW-1 NG OS on this system.  My question is simple.  Can someone direct me to a step-by-step procedure for resetting the firewall to the factory settings?  In other words, I want to wipe out all custom rules, address objects, services, DMZs, etc.  Will it be necessary to reload the OS?  If so, I need to get directions on how to do this as well.   I'm not interested in becoming a CheckPoint engineer, just want to make sure that the firewall is set back to factory defaults with a properly loaded OS.

Thanks so much!
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Keith AlabasterEnterprise ArchitectCommented:
All the items that I have found suggest that it is needs a new install through the boot - install (bootinstall) process. That said, I am not a Nokia man myself so maybe someone else will have an alternative view
when you reboot the nokia, have a console connection to it, and running hypercom or another terminal software and when you see it loading the boot mgr, get ready to press space bar, it will QUICKLY prompt you to go into boot manger load; i think that's the wording, i have exact notes at my office, which i can get for you tomorrow. but once you hit the space bar it will flip the prompt over to:
boot mgr> (type in ) install

when you do this it will take the IPSO (nokia's os) and reload it, erasing everything on the system. then do a reboot.
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Login to ur Nokia box via network voyager (http://<ip of ur nokia>)
System>configuration>system configuration>Packages> Delete Packages...

delete whatever u like to.....

for command line :

login to ur box,
>delete package <package name>

i beleive voyager is easy thing to do.......  ;-)

once u are done with removing packages.....u can default the IPSO settings by...

logging in the box:
#rm /config/active

give a boot to the system..........ur nvram things will also get cleared..............

let me know if any problems
hi there....

Any out put???

antsman65Author Commented:
Sorry for the slow response, I just came back from vacation.  Neither suggestion worked for me.  This firewall was handled by a third party.  They had the administrator password.  We ended up having to have them reset it.  We could not log into the web interface or the command-line interface.
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