hp printer isnt working after i did a system recovery

i own an hp media center 3ghz p4 computer running xp. connected to it is a hp psc 1350 all in one printer.  i recently did a destructive system recovery and the printer does not work now. i have did a destructive system recovery multiple times and never had any problems before, but this time when i plugged the usb from the printer into the computer instead of the icon at bottom right of screen that says new hardware found this time it said somthing like unreconized hardware or somthing like that. i tried unplugging the usb and plugging it back in a few times but i dont get any messages agin. but when i go to a web page and press ctrl p and the window pops up it shows my printer but when i go preferences,service this device,chek ink level i get a message that says unable to establish two way communication.
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thoffmanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Have you tried a different USB cable and a different USB port?
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