Need drivers for Gateway GM 5072

I recently bought 5 Gateway GM 5072 machines from gateway.  They came with Media Center.  Well, you can't add that to a domain, so we reformatted and put on Windows XP Professional. Now I am having problems finding the drivers for them.  Can anyone help?  Gateway's site doesn't list hardly anything and only one recovery cd came with the system.  Any programs out there that could identify the motherboard.  I have three drivers left...also, even though my speakers look like the drivers are working, they are not...i provided two screenshots.  Any suggestions?


speakers not working
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MarkConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If that is the board, the audio is a realtek acl880 this may be the driver you're looking for.
Have you already tried looking for the drivers through here?

I'm not sure which model your machines are...
Please post your systems serial number.
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I agree that we should find the drivers from gateway. BUT to answer your question you can identify your system components with everest home and you can identify unknown devices ( driver search porposes ) with UDI
Derek JensenCommented:
Ha ha ha!! Boy am I glad I jumped on today! It just so happens that I work for Gateway. It also just so happens I work for Retail Support. The department that supports the GM5072. AND it just so happens that sparkmaker's post is answered in the Affirmative. And now the bad news. Without the SN I am unabled to determine what is and is not available as far as drivers on The good news is, if you call 408-273-0808 we can ship you system recovery CDs. The CDs are free, but you would need to cover the shipping cost, which is $20. The Bad news is, gateway doesn't guarantee functioning drivers with any other OS than the one it came with. The Other bad news is you may not be able to install the drivers directly from the CD. Some models you can, some you can't. In my experience, it's been about 60/40, respectively. That's not to say they're not ON the CD, just on some recovery CDs it's an ISO image and you can't install the drivers from the CD without running the recovery, which, needless to say, restores the factory image. And the great news??? I work for Gateway. :-D
Here's complete system specs for your computer. You should be able to find all the drivers from the respective mfgr's websites. Please call if you have any problems. ;-)
Motherboard  FIC KTBC51G Rev 1.1
CPU  AMD Athlon 64 X2 4200+ Dual Core (Socket 939) 2.2GHz
Memory  2048 MB (2 x 1024MB) DDR PC3200 (400MHz) DIMM
Power Supply  (Various) ATX 300 Watt
Video  nVidia GeForce 6100
Audio  RealTek ALC880 5.1 Channel
Modem  Conexant 56Kbps V.92 Riesling
Network Interface  (unknown) 10/100/1000 Gigabit integrated Ethernet LAN
PCI Card  Hauppauge Digital, Inc. WinTV-PVR-150 (Amity II)
Derek JensenCommented:
Sorry, just noticed the NIC listing. Drivers should be included w/MBD chipset drivers. I would recommend trying the audio drivers from the AMD site first, as that is an integrated card.
Purple_SkyCommented: has your sound drivers also. Needs a registration but free.

UDI and Everest ( links provided below ) will give you further info about components.
Funny but FIC gives no drivers for this board. The chipset is nvidia C51G but there is no mention of it on their site either. The Chipset drivers are probably whats holding you back here.
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