Front-End Back-End Server Setup for Exchange 2003

I want to use the full gammit of features OWA, OMA, MSActSync.  I've had this server up and running internally through Outlook 2003 for about 3 weeks and have been struggling to get the extra features for mobility working.  I've tried setting up these services using a Front-End/Back-End setup as well as single server environment.  I'm using SSL (Home Grown Cert).  Handhelds have cert checking disabled and have been getting HTTP_500, HTTP_404 errors.  In OWA I get a server unavailable error and if I access OMA via the Internet I get the mailbox on 'SERVER' cannont be accessed.  If anyone has experience using the Front-End/Back-End setup I'd like to get it working that way.  Assume that I can perform whatever options you have but don't assume that I've already tried them.  

I could use some quick response on this.


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If you want a quick response, call Microsoft.

Step back a lot.
First, use Internet Explorer on your desktop, disable "Show friendly http error messages" and then browse to the oma virtual directory....

Does it work then?
When you attempt to login, do you get any errors in the event viewer on the Exchange server?

If you have been playing around the settings, you may well end up resetting the virtual directories to get it back to the default.

As you have paid for the licenses for a frontend server, why not pay an extra $70 for an SSL certificate. It secures the deployment and ensures that the username and passwords are not passed across in the clear.

PropayAuthor Commented:
It was an unrelated issue.  

The machine running Exchange 2003 is also running Sharepoint, which caused a conflict in the VDs of the Default Webpage.  Thanks Simon.  

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