AIX 4.3 too many open files issue. How to tell how many files are open.


We got a Java app running 24x7 on a AIX 4.3 box. (Which means we have to build the jar files at version 1.3)  After it runs for a while we get an “Too many open files” error.  But before tackling the cause of this I would like to know is there a AIX command that will display exactly how many files or file descriptors are in use or open for a given pid. I’m not a AIX expert, just a novice (if that). The Unix command isof does not exist on our AIX version it’s not in my path.

TEST /usr/acct/acmmgr> lsof
ksh: lsof:  not found.

And ulimit just seems to show the current settings.

TEST /usr/acct/acmmgr> ulimit -a
time(seconds)        unlimited
file(blocks)         4194302
data(kbytes)         131072
stack(kbytes)        32768
memory(kbytes)       32768
coredump(blocks)     2097151
nofiles(descriptors) 900


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You can download lsof for your version of AIX here:
900 file descriptors per process is usually sufficient.  [I typically configure for 1024].
You are leaking file descriptors, either via open files or open sockets.

IIRC, lsof appeared in AIX 4.5 or so, so your old box seems to lack it.
cjferrisAuthor Commented:
Both downloads worked great.  Now check out my next question about reading the results from lsof.
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