user not receiving email from another company

we run exhcnage server and our customer company xyz runs exchange. one of our employees TOM cannot receive any emails from company xyz. i have checked and we have no problems with any other employees receiving emails from company xyz. Tom received emails from all other domains, yahoo, msn, etc with no problems.

I told compan xyz to see what the problem is on their end. I check our exchange server for message tracking center and there is no trace of receiving emails from company xyz to TOM.

I even setup a pop3 for testing on my home computerwith the same name and email as one of the xyz company employees. that email successfully was received in TOMs email.

I assume it's company xyz. any suggestions or thought would be helpful.

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SembeeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
That looks like a read receipt. The only problem is that they don't actually prove the message was delivered to YOUR server. The only thing I would accept as proof of delivery is a log file that shows the message being delivered to your server/IP address. Anything else doesn't prove the message was received. If the remote site is using a smart host to deliver email, then they can trigger the read receipt. Similarly, if a POP3 connector is being used to download email to the server, then the message being delivered to the POP3 server at the ISP/Host will trigger the message.

Does the sender from the xyz company receive NDR ? Have you tried sending it from a different sender at xyz company ? Its not your issue has to check it ....

Trying to diagnose the problem as the recipient is almost impossible. The other side needs to prove to you that either the message was delivered, or the NDR was created. There are so many things that could go wrong with message delivery, but not one of them is under your control until the message hits your network.

sfejc411Author Commented:
received from xyz co. tech support sent me the attached test email:

was delivered to the following recipient(s):
      Tom on 5/24/2006 11:53 AM

Does this mean now I have to troubleshoot on my end what the problem is?
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