Anyone know how to remove the cross-functional properties in a Visio 2002 flowchart?

Here's the scoop.. created a visio flowchart, and somewhere in the midst of playing around, i added a cross-functional band, but then I deleted it.  Now, everytime I open the flowchart, I get this cross-functional dialog box asking if I want to have horizontal or vertical bands.

Other than creating a brand new flowchart, anyone know how to get the document to stop popping up the dialog box?

The properties for the flowchart show a cross functional band, functional Band.9, vertical holder.. yet none of these things exist on the flowchart.

It's like there is a master page with all the stuff on it that I can't see.

Any ideas?????
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Hi marilyng,

the same problem appeared here

the user solved it

1. copied the plain diagram (the one where the cross-functional dialog box kept opening)
2. to a new plain diagram (where the cross- functional stencil had never been opened)
3. do not save the new diagram until closing the the old diagram
4. now the new diagram seems to be an ordinary diagram, without the unwanted cross-functional

Some support from MS added basically both the same

If you open your cross-functional diagram and then choose New Drawing to get a blank drawing, that new drawing is still a cross-functional diagram.  Thus you will continue to be prompted.

If you create the blank drawing first and then open your cross-functional diagram, the new drawing will be truly blank.  You should be able to copy any elements into the document and no longer get the prompting.

New Drawing makes another drawing of whatever template you have open.  You can also avoid the problem by explicitly creating a drawing from a different template, such as Basic Flowchart.

It sounds like you are still in the Cross-Functional flowchart template.

Try opening from a new template, for example: File > New > Flowchart > Basic Flowchart, then paste in the shapes you want (or create a "plain" flowchart without the bands/swimlanes).

Or you can just open a blank drawing by choosing File > New > New Drawing (in which case no stencils will open).

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Ugh!  I think UR right RE a master view.  Try a Google...sorry I can't be more help...
marilyngAuthor Commented:
I found the master stencil, and removed the cross-functional element.. no help, the stupid dialog still pops up.  

Let's see here's what else I tried:

I removed all the diagram elements off of each page - nada.
I removed all but the first page - nada.

It's like there is no way to get rid of the cross-functional "stamp" unless you copy all your diagrams to a new file and new pages.

That was the only thing that worked.  

Saw two similar entries in microsoft for Visio 2002, no solution posted with them either.

Nothing in google, either.  sheesh.
marilyngAuthor Commented:
Thanks, that did it!
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