Virtual Server 2005, Clients can't access "real" network connection

I have just setup a new IBM X336 Server with Server 2003 w/sp1.
I loaded Microsoft Virtual Server 2005.
When I create a client (XP w/sp2) all goes well except the network connection doesn't get out to the "real" network.
I must be doing something fundementally wrong, this should be a "no brainer".
I have setup this same scenario with VMware GSX and their new "free" VMServer and never had network connectivity problems.
Can someone help me out here ?
I am in a rush, so I have set this to 500 points.
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You have selected the internal network for this virtual machine. Select your IBM Servers NIC for the virtual machine. Then you should be able to ping your external network, provided you have assigned IP from same subnet.
semncwAuthor Commented:
This was one of the first things I checked.
When you setup the server, it sets up an Internal Network Connection (which is not associated with the physical NIC).
It also sets up a Virtual Network Connection (which IS associated with the physical NIC).
I am choosing an IP based on the range that the Host Server is in and using the same gateway IP as the Host.

There must be something else that we haven't covered.
That would have been my first guess too.  What are the symptoms, can you ping localhost, can you ping gateway?
semncwAuthor Commented:
Nope, I can't ping anything.
The network connection is associated with the Virtual Network Connection, but the pings seem to get nowhere.
semncwAuthor Commented:
I figured it out (I think)
I had the virtual PC in a different subnet than the virtual server.
Because of that IP address I was using the gateway for the other subnet range.
I changed the IP address to be in the same subnet range as the virtual server and used the corresponding gateway address.
Now I can ping as normal.

Thanks to prashsax and thur6165 for their suggestions.

I guess sometimes you just need to go back thru the basics again to see the obvious.

How do I split the points ?

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