Is there a way to force your computer to go immediately and pickup the latest domain group policy.

If I change something in the default domain policy.

Can I make my computer go  grab the new policy immediately?
Can I make it so it sends it out company immediately?
What is the default time it take for each computer to check for Group policy changes?
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Debsyl99Connect With a Mentor Commented:
If it's an xp client or 2003 then you run gpupdate /force from a command prompt.

From what I can gather then so long as the refresh interval for the dc and replication has occurred between dc's before login then yes it should with win2k - however it doesn't always with xp due to a default policy setting that allows xp to boot, user to login etc. prior to some policies being pulled from the server. To disable fast logon optimisation in xp you can set another policy!
Description of the Windows XP Professional Fast Logon Optimization feature
Manually - from a command prompt type secedit /refreshpolicy user_policy or secedit /refreshpolicy machine_policy dpending on where the policy is set or:
How to modify the default group policy refresh interval;en-us;203607&sd=tech
Not recommended to up it too much for performance reasons

Deb :))
SplunkerAuthor Commented:
What average time interval do you think?
SplunkerAuthor Commented:
Doesn't it refresh everytime the user logs in?
SplunkerAuthor Commented:
Thanks again.
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