Resolution Problem with Multiple NIC's

Hi, I'm new to the Forum so I'll explain this the best I can.

I have a couple servers that I'm trying to configure on a separate VLAN for backup purposes.  The majority of these server have at least 3 NIC's installed: 2 that are teamed with a 10.0.31.x address, which is plugged into a standard 10/100 port on our switch, and the third acting as the backup NIC with an address of 10.0.91.x, which is plugged into a Gig Port on the switch.  The problem is, whenever I ping from any other machine in the network, I hit the machine's .31.x address, but, if I'm on that specific machine and ping the machine name, it resolves as the .91.x address.  I'm experiencing intermittent problems, such as email spontaneously not sending/receiving, servers locking up, and service failures (web, etc) since assignment.

Solutions I've tried:
All the servers have manual entries in DNS and I've also tried entering either the .31.x address or the servers assigned private IP (192.168.100.x) into the hosts file, but with no luck.

Is there a priority assignment for Addresses with faster connections within windows?  I've googled this for a couple days off and on and haven't found any possible resolution.

This website is the best resource I've found for solutions to problems, so... thanks in advance.
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Rob WilliamsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It might help to check/change the binding order. To do so go to:
Control panel | Network Settings | Advanced (on the menu bar) | advanced settings | Adapters and Bindings
What operating system?
What protocols are enabled on the LAN? you may want to "disable Netbios over TCP/IP" on the interfaces and try again.
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david_simsAuthor Commented:
OS: Either Windows 2000 Advanced Server or Server 2003 Enterprise (mixed environment).  I meant to include that, by the way...

I should also mention that Default Gateway and Static DNS Entries are assigned to the .31.x or private IP, but no Default Gateway or DNS entries are assigned under TCP/IP Properties for the .91.x addresses.

Only IP protocols are enabled over the LAN, no NetBios or IPX.

Thanks for the quick response guys...
david_simsAuthor Commented:
Thanks, RobWill... you da man!
Rob WilliamsCommented:
Thanks David
Good luck,
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