Btr in Novell Netware

Hi :

I don't know what version of btr we have .  But I have a whole bunch of btr files in novell that we need to import into sql server.

So I downloaded the butil for dos and then tried to do a butil -save my610f.btr my610f.txt in dos.

errors are :

1. butil-14 the file that caused the error is bb128xr.btr
2. butil-100 microkernel error = 20. The key buffer parameter is too short
3. butil-9 The command did not complete due to an unrecoverable error.

Can you please help me.  

Please note :  I have no ddf files and I have a ton of files that I want to import as text.  I know I will have to create a script so that I don't have to do this command hundred times.

Also can this be done in dos since the original file is in novell netware?

Thank you,

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Bill BachConnect With a Mentor PresidentCommented:
Your best bet, which will work with the NetWare engine, is this:
- Go to the server's console prompt.
- Run the command MODULES BTR* and MODULES NWMKDE* to find your version.  This will help in the future.
- Run the command to extract the data:  LOAD BUTIL -SAVE SYS:DATA\FILE.BTR  SYS:DATA\FILE.UNF
  Replace the volume, directory, and filenames with your own files, of course.

You can get more details on how to interpret the UNF files, as well as a lot more information about accessing Btrieve data from our white paper on the topic.  You can find it at by clicking on the icon for the paper on Accessing your Btrieve Data from ODBC.

You can script it by creating an NCF file that can run from the server console.  (NCF files are like BAT files for DOS.)
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