Cisco 1811 Switch Question

I have a question on the ports included on the Cisco 1811.  Currently cisco has a sever lack of configuration examples for this item so I have been unable to determine how exactly the ports are configured.

What I am unsure of is if FastE0 and FastE1 are considered part of the switch of not.  I don't think they are as it is supposed to have an 8 port switch in it and there is also FastE2 through FastE9, however the default configuration on the router provided by cisco configures the internal ip on the Vlan 1 interface, the external ip on the FastE0 interface and nothing on FastE1 which leads me to believe that FastE1 is part of the switch and FastE0 is not?

So I guess I'm trying to determine the following:

1.  Do I configure the internal address on FastE1 or the VLan 1?
2.  Do I need to actually configure the VLan if the switch is intended for use simply as a dumbswitch.  External internet into FastE0, FastE1 connecting to FastE2 and the other switchports connecting the PCs.
3.  If I configure the internal IP on VLan 1, how do I apply an access list to filter the traffic going into the switchports FastE2-FastE9?
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mikebernhardtConnect With a Mentor Commented:
1. No, configure it on vlan 1.
2. Yes. It comes with 2 "external" Fast E interfaces. Just leave FastE1 shut down if you don't need it.
3. Configure it on vlan 1 outbound, or on FastE0 inbound. If you want to control the traffic between the ports FastE2-9, you can't do it- unless you can configure multiple vlans (I'm not sure if you can on this router, but probably). But multiple vlans means multiple IP subnets so you probably don't want to go that way.
caplinktechAuthor Commented:
Realizing that both FastE0 and 1 were intended as external ports makes everything much clearer at this point.

And for the record, you can configure multiple VLans on this router.

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