Waiting for Microsoft Access to Accept DDE Commands

Hello ~

Using a table in Access 2000 as the data source for a Word 2000 merge document, word opens and hangs w/ the following text at the bottom of the window: "waiting for microsoft access to accept DDE commands".

Can someone out there propose a remedy?  I've checked libraries and they all seem to be referenced.

Many Thanks
Chi Is CurrentAsked:
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FlysterConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Have you tried a compact and repair of your database?

peter57rConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi jacobbarnett,
Check in Tools>Options>Advanced that Access is not set to ignore DDE requests.

Chi Is CurrentAuthor Commented:
Thank you Pete for your fast reply!

IGNORE DDE Requests is UN-checked
ENABLE DDE Refresh is checked
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Chi Is CurrentAuthor Commented:
To check this out further, I opened a new Word document and attempted to establish a connection to my Access table from Word, using "Get Data Source".  Word hung w/ the message "Opening Microsoft Access" at the bottom of the window......  Access did not open??  Same result after a re-boot.
Another thing you could try is to make a copy of your document. Then go to access and select your table. Go to OfficeLinks - Merge it with Microsoft Office Word and choose Link to existing document. Select the copy and see if it will merge it for you.
Leigh PurvisConnect With a Mentor Database DeveloperCommented:
What is it you're trying to connect to?
A table?
A query?

(The former is a better idea - for speed).
If you have functions or expressions then something could be preventing it from opening - or just slowing it down a *lot* :-)

DDE is slower - but I dislike the OLEDB faff in Word 2003.  If they'd made it work better than it would have been ideal (ish).
Chi Is CurrentAuthor Commented:
I'm referencing a table.

Well, was it the compact and repair or just the purity of my thoughts (unlikely), but now it's working just fine.

I appreciate your ideas!  Thank you!
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