Wireless transmission connection

Seems like sometimes the wireless remote connection drops out a bit...can i adjust router settigns...ie..beacon interval to increase the connection for the wireless connection?

Seems like some data transfers from shared drives drop out....would like to strengthen the connection....

I have a wrt54g router and have a wireless remote like using a dlink high gain antenna going into a hub...from the hub goes into the pc...
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You can try using a different channel for the communication, sometimes that helps a lot.  But generally the keys to better reception is (1) line of sight with no obstructions, (2) install or upgrade the latest firmware on all routers and repeaters, (3) move the repeater to get the best sight from one end to the other, (4) install boosters if necessary (can antennas) and (5) use the system devices to get/check the signal rather than the ones made by Dlink.  I have had bad results with DLInk repeaters, they generally only work well with other DLink devices, they do not link to other brands that well.
Here is something that many people tend to forget in relation to Wireless networks.

The area of coverage from an access point antenna is actually more like a flat disc than a perfect sphere.
what this means is that the direction/positioning of the antenna is actually a big factor in how your NIC picks up the signal.

One recommendation is to try and keep the router around the same level as the computer(s) which will be accessing the network.
If you normally use a laptop at a desk level, try to place the router so that there are no obstructions around the desk level, or place the router higher and make sure that the antenna is positioned to give the greatest coverage for that area.

Just for clarification, this rule is not relevant in the usage of MIMO products.
a MIMO wireless router/AP utilizes a greater number of antennas simultaniously.  This has the advantage of boosting the coverage area to almost 360 degrees, and limiting the risk of signal loss.

Follow Scrathcyboy's steps, and as an addition, move the AP away from anything that might give eletrical interference. (Monitors, microwaves, TV's, Cordless phones, Stereo systems...etc)

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