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Mixing 15k drives with 10k drives?

I have a Poweredge 2600 server with a PERC4/DI RAID controller.  I am currently running 3 Fujitsu 73gb 10k RPM drives.  I would like to add 2 more drives, 1 as a hotswap, and 1 for extra space.  

My question is this, is is ok to mix 15K drives with 10k drives?  I found a better deal on the 15k drives with a better warranty vs. the 10k drives.  Here are the links.


I have heard that the 15k drives will only run at 10k but otherwise there is nothing wrong with this.  I have also heard that when the 15k drives come down to 10k it can cause issues.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.
1 Solution
Irwin SantosComputer Integration SpecialistCommented:
Ideally you want drives with the same specifications.  Instead of adding, how about migrating the entire RAID array to ALL faster and larger drives?  Use the 3 existing Fujitsus as backup & extra storage.
There should be no problem with it, but like irwinpks said.  Ideally they all should be the same.
RAID is basically set up with all drives having same specifications but in ur case it seems like it will work as well , just the 15k drive will come down and run at 10k. One thing which i wanna add is "which RAID are u building" means RAID 0 , 1, 2,...5.

There might be some trouble if its RAID 4 or 5... if u can then try to keep same specifications..
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if they are not in the same raid array it should be fine, if you put them in the same array as the 10k drives you will have issues. I have yet to see a raid arry with a mix of 10 and 15k drives work properly. The configuration i would suggest if you buy the 2 15 k drives is a raid 1(os) on the 2 15ks and a raid 5(data) on the 3 10ks. If possible for performance split the backplane and use seperate channels for the raid arrays since the perc 4/di is a dual channel controller.
The RAID will simply make the new drives to the same capacity as the original ones.  The only way to increase the capacity of a RAID 5 is to use ALL new drives, but since you dont have this, just accept the lower capacity for now, and when you buy ALL new drives, then you copy the data off to an IDE drive, make a NEW RAID at the higher capacity, initialize the array, then copy all the data back to the new array.
tferro999Author Commented:
This machine is going to be replaced in the next year so I am just looking to add a hot swap drive and then expand one of the volumes.

As it turns out, the volume I need to expand is sitting on a "basic disk" so it will not let me expand the volume in Dell Openmanage console.  The other volume on this RAID 5 set is a dynamic disk which will let me expand the volume.  

From what i've read, you can only convert the basic disk to dynamic disk if it is empty.  Is there any way to get around this?
You can convert a basic to a dynamic disk, and not lose data. It's going the other way that requires you to repartition the disk.

The following may help on this.


Also, being able to mix 15k and 10k drives depends on the hardware raid controller. Some support it, some don't, also some may appear to work but not be supported by the vendor due to them not having QA'd such configs. I work for a vendor whose RAID does allow mixes RPM drives, but of course you lose the 15k speed benfits.


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