Linksys router compatibility with Linksys Access Point

I am very perplexed.  This is a home office network consisting of a wired desktop and a wireless desktop located on a different floor of the house.  Both use XP Home.  Based on Linksys' recommendation, I purchased a WAP54G Access Point to improve the signal quality to a wireless desktop.  The signal from the wireless router (without the access point) was consistantly "LOW".   The router is a Linksys WRT54GS.  We have continously had problems staying connected (either system) with this arrangement and I have not been able to determine if it is the cable modem, router or access point.  Today, I replaced the router (temporarily) with a new Linksys router (same model) but could not get the access point to talk to the wireless computer.   I called LINKSYS for help.  After going thru another NETSET configuration to get the router up, we started working on the access point.  My Tech support person asked to be put on hold for a minute and upon returning to the line, told me that this access point (WAP54G) was incompatible with the WRT54GS and would not work.  Can someone confirm that this is so?  It surely does not make sense to me but will accept the answer.   I asked Linksys what I was suppose to have done and the answer was a "range extender".  This is not what the Linksys told me several months ago.   If there is incompatibility between these two boxes, is it possible that this could have been causing the connection problems with even the wired desktop?  Your help is appreciated.  
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try resetting both to factory defaults

it total b/s that they would even mention that there own products won't work together, you can add a linksys access poin to another brand's router.  the only thing you get when mixing brands, it the best speed 108mbps.

check - click Support then Downloads - & you can get the instruction manuals for both of them
>My Tech support person asked to be put on hold for a minute and upon returning to the line, told me that this access point (WAP54G) was incompatible with the WRT54GS and would not work.

The WAP 54G does not have the speed booster chipset, but otherwise would work fine.
You probably have something misconfigured. Like leaving DHCP server on for both or ....
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tonyadamRetiredAuthor Commented:
I don't understand your comment.  Your first paragraph confirms that the two boxes are incompatible but then in your second paragraph, you seem to think that I have something misconfigured and that it will work.  I don't see how two boxes that Linksys admits are incompatible will work.  

I have a Linksys 2nd level specialist working with me at 9:00 AM this AM to see if we can make them work together.  I am not hopeful.  I think my better solution is to replace the WRT54GS with a WRT54G which is compatible.  Linksys won't do it even though they are the ones that told me to get the access point.  Even their website doesn't mention anything about the access point being incompatible with the WRT54GS.  However, there are a few other WRT54G boxes in the neighborhood and I might be able to make a swap.  It just doesn't seem right for Linksys to NOT own up to a problem that I think is there's to solve and not mine.  
tonyadamRetiredAuthor Commented:
I wish to close this question with no points awarded but to also say thanks to those that tried to help. After 5 hours of working with Linksys, they have determined two things.  1. a WRT54GS is not compatible with a WAP54G unless the WRT54GS is a version 5.  I personally do not think this bodes well for Linksys but so be it.  I then borrowed a WRT54G from a neighbor to test the connection compatibility with the WAP54G.  According to Linksys, this is supposed to work fine.  2. After many attempts to make the connection work (WRT54G to WAP54G), Linksys 2nd level tech support finally agreed that the WAP54G is defective.  It is being returned for a new one.  This doesn't solve my problem.  Seems like my only solution is to swap a WRT54GS for a WRT54G and I'm hoping that one of my neighbors will be kind enough to do this.  Thanks again for your help.
>that the WAP54G is defective
That may be. The incompatibility claim is ludicrous. Linksys "tech support" is not any better then the generic bangalores.

The AP can be used as a client. Maybe you are trying to use the WDS mode which is not implemented correctly in the firmware.

A simpler solution to your problem is to use an external directional antenna with the wireless desktop card.
tonyadamRetiredAuthor Commented:
Here is the final solution.  Linksys replaced the WAP54G.  The first one they sent us was defective.  I was able to swap the WRT54GS with a neighbor who had a WRT54G.  This combination of a WRT54G and the WAP54G works OK.  Thanks to everyone who helped.  I'm still not happy about the incompatibility and lack of notice from Linksys about the incompatibility of their products.  

Since none of the answers above were the solution, I suppose that it would be inappropriate to award the points to any one individual but again I do appreciate the responses and attempts at solving the problem.
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