Making A Globe/Sphere Logo (Photoshop)

Making A Globe/Sphere Logo (Photoshop)
Is it possible to create a globe without a background and animate it so it looks like it is spinning using photoshop?

If so could you please tell me how or tell me the best way about doing it with photoshop plus using another software.

Ryan BayneWordPress DeveloperAsked:
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SlynkyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi, TycoonMillion,

It is possible but you need to have at least 8 images (either round like your globe or square) of the earth in various rotational stages.  Once you have those 8 (or more) images, you need to apply them to the globe (circle) you made in the beginning.  

Additional information is a bit difficult since I don't know what you mean by

(1) "plus using other software"
(2) if you want the globe shaded to look 3-D or not...which is quite a bit more involved than making one that looks 2-D.

Of course, if you can't get the 8 (or more) images of the earth captured in sequence of ratation or if you can't draw them yourself, you might as well forget it, because that's a key ingredient.

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