hide certian programs start menu with vbscript

On the classical start menu for windows XP when you click on programs you get a list of programs and program folders.
I want to get rid of every program and program folder except Accessories >> Word Pad. I want to script this and attach it to a group policy (logon script). I dont want to do it manually! vbscript only. Any ideas?
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To answer your actual question though, I would create a reg key that contained just the program entries you require for each user and your script at login would load that regkey onto the computer. This would remove any new entries each time for the logged in user. As I said, you need to 'clean' ALL USERS first as most applications will install their start menu items in there.

You might also want to look at this GPO set relating to Start Menu control


Hope this helps
You will need to remove all the programs out of the ALL Users folder on every PC first and then your script will work.
Alternatively just use GPO setting to not allow programs to run on the local machine. Examples of this are:

Software Restriction policies:

By simply deleting the Program menu structure, the programs are still there and can still be run if a user knows what he/she is doing. What are you trying to achive by this? Simple cover up or access control over your users ability to run applications?

FubyouAuthor Commented:
Cover up
The start menu should only show

Programs >> accessories >> WordPad

When another admin logs in they need to be able to access everything.
FubyouAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the list from microsoft, that was really cool..
I have also bee referenceing this site..


thanking about buying his $30 tool
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