iPod Nano Dynamic update question

A question regarding ipod nano 4gb. everything works perfectly: it mounts immediately, I can transfer music, play music, BUT when I delete a song, it disappears from the list, however the used/free display in iTunes is NOT being updated.
I deleted a bunch of songs, and iTunes still shows the same (low) free space. Recently updated iPod with the latest software, so it shouldn't be an issue.
Any clues?
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grsteedConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Are you deleting the song from the Ipod for from the Ipod Selections folder in iTunes?  According to my daughter, my Ipod expert, if you manage the songs from the Ipod Selections folder in iTunes, it will update the Ipod with the changes and probably report the correct free space available.

Removing songs from the Ipod Selections folder shouldn't remove them from the Library. It should ask you when you remove something if  you want to delete it permanently.


athanasius296Author Commented:
You're right! That what's happening.
I keep deleting the songs from the Playlists (Selections) folders, but they stay in the iPod itself.
Bad design, very bad.
Thanks! - All points to you!
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