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Can't reinstall/reactivate wireless networking on Dell Inspiron 9200

I have a Dell Inspiron 9200.  I had to wipe the system (virus problems) and in the course of reinstalling everythign, I cannot get the wireless networking to work.  I have talked to multiple Dell techs, and they swear I have the right driver download.  I run it, it seems to install fine, but when the icon shows up in the bottom right tray, it says "no supported wireless adapters available on this system."  The system is out of warranty, so I haven't been able to press Dell on what's going wrong.  Maybe this is too specific about a unique system, but if I can avoid having to pay Dell $75 for a fee based service call, I would like to.

I have gone into Bios to make sure wireless networking didn't get turned off there, it says all fine, all wireless features turned on.  I have used the Dell Funtion-F2 key feature that turns on wireless networking, no effect.  I have gone into the device manager and uninstalled an unnamed device listed under networking.  When I restart, it says new hardware found, it wants to search the internet, but I tell it I have the file.  I point it to the correct Dell drivers directory, but it says no appropriate file there.

If anyone has any other ideas for what to try, I'm all ears.  On the Dell support site, I have my system service tag entered and it gives me a screen that gives a list of part numbers about my system.  The closest thing to a line describing wireless networking is this item: Part No: M5471      MODULE, CARD (CIRCUIT), NETWORK, 2200, SULLIVAN/TOBAGO, DELL AMERICAS ORGANIZATION.  The Dell driver I was told to download is 126293, Intel Pro Wireless Network driver A12, and it says Inspiron 9200 in the list of systems.  My service tag is: 3VKP761 and the system was shipped 1/20/05 if any of that helps.


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Builtin wireless cards for laptops are usually of the mini pci card type and are removable. Look at the laptop's bottom, you should see some covers which you can remove. Do that and look for cards, a bit larger than RAM modules for laptops. If you can find this card look over it for numbers etc printed on it, and post these here. That way we should be able to find out what card it is.
rickoxoAuthor Commented:
Ha, what an interesting trick.  I've built many desktops, but have never touched the insides of a laptop.  Ok, found one thing that looked like the right thing, Broadcom 4309KFB, another number was DW 1450 and one more etched in some black plastic, G4455N.  There were two screwed down, covered areas.  One had the memory modules, the other had this broadcom piece and a piece labeled modem.

On this laptop, I can use lan networking, meaning I can connect to my router through a network cable.  It works fine for internet and I can access my home network, the router assigns the laptop an IP address, it wal works fine through a lan cable.  The driver for the lan cable is Broadcom 440x 10/100 integrated controller.  I was told to install this for lan network access, but a different driver for wireless access.

Let me know if those numbers help or if there are any others I can tell you.

Just go to start - all programs - accessories - system tools - system information.
Click on components - problem devices.
Your adapter will be listed as "drivers not installed"
Write down the pci/vendor numbers (two four digit numbers)
Then go here and look them up:


This will identify the chip, and hopefully also the required drivers.
There are plenty of good driver databases around. Driverguide is good:


Download the appropriate drivers and see what happens...

Good luck!

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