Resetting password for RICHO Aticio 2045SP.

Does anyone know how to find / reset the password on a RICHO Aticio 2045SP copier / printer / etc.

I know this might be lazy of me, please no RTFM's.
I have just inherited the job of network admin for this company and I don't have the time.

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Usually it is like this --

Ricoh      Aficio      AP3800C      HTTP      sysadmin      password      Admin            No      2003-3-6      2005-13-7
Ricoh      Aficio 2228c            Multi      sysadmin      password      Admin

So depending on the interface the password is Admin or the login is Admin and the password is Admin.  Try both Admin and password for login and password, sometimes the login is blank and the password is Admin, other times the opposite.
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