Security Error when recovering previous version of files


I'm trying to recover a few file that were accidently deleted by a user.  When I select previous versions tab and view the date before they were deleted I can see all the files I want to recover.  If I try to restore the folder I get an error saying that the file can't be copied and that it's in use, which it isn't .  If I try to security on the shadow copy of the files I get an error say the media is write protected, I get the same error if I try to take ownership or change the file attributes.

Any advice or ideas are greatly appreciated

Thank You

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Jeffrey Kane - TechSoEasyConnect With a Mentor Principal ConsultantCommented:
Does the workstation have "simple file sharing" enabled?  (Windows Explorer > Tools > File Options > View)  

If it does, then I would suspect that you didn't join the workstation to the network properly with http://<servername>/connectcomputer because that process will generally not work with Simple File Sharing enabled.

To join a workstation to the network properly after it has already been joined you must follow these steps:

The following needs to be done with the client machine:
1.  Log in with THAT machine's LOCAL administrator account.
2.  Unjoin the domain into a WORKGROUP
3.  Change the name of the computer
4.  Delete or rename the following directory C:\Program Files\Microsoft Windows Small Business Server\Clients if it exists
5.  Ensure that DHCP is enabled and there are  no manually configured network settings
6.  Reboot

Then on the server, from the Server Management Console:
1.  Remove the client computers if it still shows in the Client Computer screen on the Server Management Console
2.  Add the client with it's NEW name using the Add Computer wizard

Then, go back to the client machine and join the domain by opening Internet Explorer and navigating to http://servername/connectcomputer

Jeffrey Kane - TechSoEasyPrincipal ConsultantCommented:
Don't restore it to the same location.  Copy it to a different location and then make sure it has what you want.  You can then copy the specific files to wherever they need to be.  

Restoring to the original location is dangerous because you could actaully copy over files you aren't intending to replace.  Plus, if the folder is in use, you get that error you saw.  :-)

tcsnetworkAuthor Commented:
I've tried copying to a different location, same error.  If I right click on one of the files thats generating an error, there isn't a tab for security and if I try to change security setting of the directory or change ownership then I get the error about the media being write protected.
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