Nortons, TightVNC, RPC Virus


Someone told me some stuff i do not realy agree with, (New guy at our company that want to change everything.)
1. Symantec Client Security is Bulky, a nightmare to uninstall and lets virusses through. We have been using it for 6 Years without a problem.
2. TightVNC Causes RPC Viruses to get onto a computer.
3. He do not want to install a antivirus on our callcentre machines because he says the computers wont need it. It is on the network.

Can someone please give me their view on this.
Albert van der MerweIT TechnicianAsked:
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mrwaqarConnect With a Mentor Commented:

1- I agree with the resource hogging issue of Norton. It does make the computers slow. Also not really satisfied with the performance as well. Atleast in the office environment, I would not use it. Even at home I first installed Norton 2006 but removed within 1 month as it made the system very slow. There are many better solutions available which are easy to manage and efficient as well.

2- Not really sure about this one. May be someone else can help with this point.

3- You have to have the AV install on ALL computers on network. I don't really see a reason why you would not require it on callcentre machines. It doesn't make logical sence of not having an AV on a machine which is connected on network even if it doesn't have internet and floppy/CD access enabled. I would strongly recommend to install the AV.

Good Luck!
pmdwConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I second mrwaqar on (1) and (3) Norton (2004 I think it was ) is a system hog. Not sure about the latest versions

If you are using a PC on a network , then you NEED an antivirus AND a firewall. Think medieval fortress, so (fire)wall after (fire)wall with defenders(Antivirus) on each wall.

I head about a DOS attack on a system with TightVNC being more effective but nothing about a
RPC virus that exploits TightVNC. I have had  old antivirus packages falsely report viruses found, on applications that have RPC calls in them, when there is no virus to find.

Personally I would go for ZoneAlarm (Firewall and Antivirus ) or AVG for home or small network but Novell or Mcafee for larger networks as they have better admin tools and some have VNC tools bundled with.

scrathcyboyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The claim that Tight VNC facilitates a virus is RUBBISH.  If the virus is going to attack the system it is BECAUSE he is not allowing any antivirus software on the system.  EVERY important system expoes to the internet MUST have AntiVirus software on it to be protected.  It is foolish not to do this.  So you take his prejudice and turn it backward.

1.  Install a good antivirus like McAfee (once again, Norton is a resource hog and full of bugs).
2.  Then you dont have problems with RPC virus.  Tight VNC is a TERRIFIC program, no one can say it is not.
3.  Symantec client security is totally unnecessary now.

This person has everything back to front, obviously going on prejudice unfounded or unproven in testing and fact.   Use this process above, as well as other cautions about Norton, and you are good to be secure, as you should be.
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