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Need to Delete ROOT Account!

Hi experts,

I have Mandriva 2006 with Apache,PHP,MySQL and IPB.

I have forgotten my SQL login credentials, can i delete them somehow without logging in to SQL as i cannot do that.

the error it gives is:

When i type mysqladmin -u root password 'mypassword' it says:
"mysqladmin: Connect to server at 'localhost' failed
error: 'Access Denied for user 'root'@'localhost' (using password: NO)'

Any ideas??

Thanks in Advance,
1 Solution
it appears you are using a wrong syntax for connecting to mysql.

mysqladmin -u[username] -p[password]

and make sure there is no space between -u and the username and -p and your password.
huh? at least mysql.exe for mysql4 wanted spaces. when i want to login, i always do it this way:

mysql -u root -p
[enter] and then it asks me for the password. this is a bit more secure, as the typed in text wont be displayed. also the message above states "... (using password: NO)", so it didnt detected that youre giving a password. try it like ThomasFranke said, then this way here :P
This is a correct syntax for logging mysql server :

>>bin>>mysql -u root -p

Warm Regards,

Vipin Gupta
deathw4r3zAuthor Commented:
Sorry, How do i make Assisted Helpers etc,

Because i wanted to split the points between all of you, seeing as you all helped me.

Can an Admin do that plz,

Thanks in Advance,
at the links above, click on "support". post a question there to re-open this thread. give a link to this question, so the admins know which thread to re-open. explain it like "misselected answer" or something.

then you can give points again. but dont click anywhere on "accept" then, click only (i think its quite at the bottom" the link "split points". then you can give each post an amout of points youre thinking of - only make sure that they will sum up to the ones you have awarded here. then i think you can additionally mark some post as "accept". the other ones automatically become "assisted".

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