how to get the installed and uninstalled software list


         I want to display the installed and uninstalled software list
of the particular machine connected to the network

if i'm select the particular user, I want to  display the installed software list and date time
of the user, and also uninstalled software list of the user and date time

plz give ur guidance

plz help me,

thanks and regards
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Windows keeps a list of software that is installed in the registry.  It *OPTIONALLY* also records the "who installed it" and "when it was installed" part of your question.  However, since those fields are optional, you'll find that a lot of those registry entries will be missing.

Take a look at HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall

Windows does NOT keep a list of software that has been uninstalled
I'm confused...   I understand the "installed software" list (I think), but what is this "uninstalled software"?

Geez, there are a *lot* of programs that are NOT installed my PC! :)
mk_murAuthor Commented:

I want to capture when the user try to install and unstall the software, and also find the
username, date of installation and  time of the installation.

it is possible to do in .net. plz give ur comments and links

thanks and regards

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