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Install codecs for video to system

Hi expert.

I am writing  an application allow install automatically codecs for video to system. Then i can open compressed movie.

Before, i used to DivX Bundle pro or orthers sotfware to do that, but now i would like to write application can do as these software, but in fact i only need my app can perform main thing:  install code to system.

At present, i do not have experience to do that, so can you help me - can you show me sample code how to do that?  

I very thank for any help.
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This depends on which kind of codecs you want to install, and how you want the user to be able to use them. If you're trying to install Video for Window (VfW) codecs, you have at least two possibilities, first install your codec DLL to the customer's computer, and then

1) Use the ICInstall function (http://msdn.microsoft.com/library/default.asp?url=/library/en-us/multimed/htm/_win32_icinstall.asp)
2) Add the suitable registry entries. At least for Windows XP, these are here: HKLM\SOFTWARE\Micrsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Drivers32. Check out the other entries there, you can use absolute paths for referencing the DLL

If the codec you want to install is a Direct Show (DirectX) codec, simply register the DLL with the system using regsvr32.exe. After that, the system will be able to "discover" the codec as needed.

Hope that helps, regards,
CongUanAuthor Commented:
Can anyone help me how to start to write an program perform installing codecs for video and audio to system.

some codecs i am would like to install are: MPEG4, DivX

I have another program, this allow user can choose one of codecs, was listed by the program, to make compressed video from raw video. The list are codecs that were installed to system.    

Here are my questions:
1_ : Can i use some .ax or .dll files to install codec for MPEG and Divx?
2_ : If 1_ can, what files should i have (where to download files) and can I use LoadLibrary and GetProcAddress function to register for these codecs?
3_ : If 1_ cannot, so can you direct me the way how to install these codecs to system???

I am very happy and thank for any your help.
I don't think you're allowed to directly install e.g. DivX by yourself. If you need to install DivX, I would rather deploy the setup file for DivX (and I don't even know if you're allowed to do that). Check the license for DivX. MPEG4 is a rather spongy term; there are a lot of implementations of MPEG4 out there, a Microsoft one, DivX also is one, XviD,... Except for XviD, most MPEG4 codecs are commercial and have their own installers (though, XviD does of course also have an installer). You'll have to check the license for yourself if you're allowed to install them manually.

Normally, I would always go for the supplied installers if you don't have an exact description of what you have to do for each one of the codecs. What I wrote above applies for codecs you've written yourself.
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