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Windows 2000 routing

I have a 64K diginet line, which hosts my incomming mail. My default gateway needs to point to my diginet router for POP mail to work. I have a ADSL router for Internet access. I have setup DynDns and it is working fine. I would like my Outlook Web Access to work via the ADSL. let say my server's IP was, my routers IP was and my ADSL (lan) and (wan) 165.165.x.x. Is there a way of setting up Routing and remote access to forward all trafice fro, back to appose to
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I would install two network cards in your server.  each with valid IP's on the same lan ,example and the new card is put on the DSL gateway, test this.

Is it necessary to keep up the 64Kline, why not move your inbound email to the DSL soon?
ThomasCawoodAuthor Commented:
Thanks! I will do a test run on that tonight.

We have a none static IP ADSL and the e-mail is critical for the company. There is about 100 users using it, and the IT manager (old and grey) doesn't want me to move it. Because he knows how reliable the Diginet is.
If I were to convince him to move the incomming ADSL. Would I need a static IP? Or wil DynDNS do?
The previous posters suggestion will unfortunately not work. You can't put 2 nics in a server on the same subnet, as this will break lots of things. and the grey guy will say 'I told you so'. If you were going this route, you need to put them on two seperate subnets.

The problem you are facing with the one nic is this - the server does not 'see' an packet from x.x.x.x on the internet as coming from - the is just a hop. so the following will happen

client on internet connects through . Server accepts packets but then replies out the default gateway - hence 3 way handshake broken.

If you knew what the originating ip addresses to owa would be, you could add a static route to ensure that the replies leave the correct gateway. - but you probably dont know where the originating requests will come from.

A solution that would work - dependant on your smtp setup is as follow.

A: You need to find out if mail is delievered to the server via a relay (store and forward service or similar) or directly from the net.

If it is you can set the default gateway to the adsl router for your OWA, web etc, and then add a static route to the relaying mail server(s) to ensure that smtp goes out the gateway.

May be worth listening to the old and grey ones from time to time.

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