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Hi All,
I have a VB project and I made use Crystal Reports 10 in the project. Now I am trying to Build a package with Visual Studio Installer 1.1 but it dont want to Complete, it looks like it cant find some of the crystal files. But if I search for those files myself I find them in the location where they are supposed to be.

I tryed this in the Package and Deployment wizard aswell, Same problem.

Any Ideas out there or sulutions.
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fostejoConnect With a Mentor Commented:

If you're intending to create an MSI, you really need to deploy the appropriate Crystal Reports run time files using a Merge Module rather than attempting to 'pick and choose' the appropriate DLLs from your development system - the merge module contains all the appropriate files and, importantly, the logic to correctly install the CR run-time on the target machine(s)

Have a look at which allows you to download the appropriate module (please ensure you read the deployment guide PDFs carefully also)

Hope that helps,

DickSwart6Author Commented:
Ooo, I'm running XP Pro, and have CR10 installed on my PC.
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