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I recently installed Windows XP on my laptop (together with the laptop's own software) and upgraded all windows updates. Know I would like to create a stable imagem of this Windows boot, so that later I can restore to this point without having to do all installations again.

I would like to do this with a single bootable CD (carrying the image) that can restore this image with a clean formatted C: drive. (i.e., without windows)

I read on the internet about a few programs that can do this. Norton Ghost seems to do the trick, but it also seems that you have to manually create the boot CD with manual scripts.
I also read about otehr programs that seem to do the trick, but I wonder if they're any good: ASIS Backup, Paragon Exact Image, Acronis True Backup, Terabyte Image, Genie Backup manager...

I would prefer to use Norton since it's know to be quite stable and efficient, but I don't want to get in trouble creating hand made bootable discs that need to go into DOS and carry a working DVD driver.

Did anyone use the other programs I mentioned ? (or other alternatives) ? Are they any good ? The latest version of Norton (10) does it automatically as well ?

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IPKON_NetworksConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Ghost is the way to go. It uses wizards to create the bootable disk and can be run from within or outside of your windows installation. (ie, you can boot using the Ghost CD or boot into Windows and run it as a program).

You will need a DVD most likely as I expect your windows installation is more than 650MB on it's own !!!
If you choose to include the swap file and recycyle bin then you could easily be talking GB of image size. Do you have a DVD writer on the PC?

Hope this helps
LindermanConnect With a Mentor Commented:

Boot It NG is another great program that has a very easy image utility that will do exactly as you are contemplating.

A super easy one to use with a 30 day free trial is Drive Snapshot

its free to try & its easy     I think this will be everything you are lookign for

dotn hesitate to ask more questions


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