HP Laserjet 9050n Tray Assignments

We have recently bought a HP Laserjet 9050n Printer with the 2000 sheet input tray and we have set up 2 separate printer in Windows NT4 Server SP6a 1 called Renewals, 1 called Reports.

the Renewals Printer uses the PS Driver the Reports Printer uses the PCL6 Driver.

we want the Renewals Printer to exclusively use the 2000 Sheet input tray which is A4 on Letterhead paper and the Reports Printer to use either tray 2 or tray 3 which is A4 Plain Paper.

I have configured the Printer so that it knows trays 2 and 3 are Plain A4, and tray 4 (the 2000 sheet input tray) is A4 Letterhead.

I have also configured the Print Queues on the server so that the Renewals Printer Document Defaults are set to use A4 Letterhead, and the Reports Printer Document Defaults are set to use A4 Plain.

now, I did expect that, based on the above, that print jobs sent to the Renewals Printer would automatically print from Tray 4 and Print Jobs sent to the Reports Printer would automatically print from either tray 2 or 3 (depending on which had paper in them).

However, when Jobs are sent to the Renewals Printer, the control panel on the printer asks for Plain Paper to be loaded into Tray 1, unless you press the green button, and then you can specify tray4.  When jobs are sent to the Reports Printer, they automatically print off from Tray4.

where have I gone wrong in the configuration?


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joedConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Your printer sounds like it is setup just fine.
If your job specifies tray 4 and 'plain' I don't know how the printer would react. I would check the drivers on the PC creating the reports. You can specify paper type in there as well.
I can't help if the problem is in Queue setup.

What happens if you try to print from a different job than oracle reports specifying A4 letterhead or A4 plain and not specifying a specific tray?
The job, or the PC driver must be specifying "plain" paper. What size is it asking for? I suspect that it is also not asking for A4 or it would have picked from tray 2 or 3 which contains "A4 Plain".

Print off a paper path test. It will confirm the tray settings on the printer.
candgiAuthor Commented:
Have printed off a Paper Path Test and all trays other than Tray 1 (the manual feed tray) have paper size of A4.

run the same jobs with the print queue paused on the server so that I could look at document Properties in the print Queue and the job sent to the Renewals Print queue when looking at the individual Print Jobs properties, says that it should be printed on A4 Letterhead, however, when the print queue is unpaused, and the job is sent to the print device, the print device asks for A4 Plain to be added to tray1 until you press the green button and then it gives you the option to select Letterhead in Tray 4 or Plain in Trays2 or 3.

and jobs sent to the printer from the Reports Queue's document properties are set individually to print on A4 Plain but when sent to the print device, they automatically get printed from Tray 4 which is letterhead.

have checked Paper type assignments both on the printer and on the driver on the server and they are all set as :-

Tray 1                 any size any type
Tray 2                 A4 Plain
Tray 3                 A4 Plain
Tray 4                 A4 Letterhead

we use Oracle Reports 6i Runtime to create the renewals and the reports, which then automatically send the jobs to the relevant queues, and have manually ran 1 of the jobs using Oracle Report Builder and sent it automatically to the same printer specifying that the job should be printed on Letterhead - when it gets to the print device, it tries to print from Tray 1 Plain.

I have even tried on the print queue driver for the renewal printer to disable all trays except Tray 4 and on the reports Print queue driver disabled trays 1 and 4, thinking then that this would force the renewals printer to use tray 4 (as it had no knowledge of trays 1 to 3) and the reports printer to use trays 1 to 3 (as it had no knowledge of tray 4) however this made no difference either.

candgiAuthor Commented:
finally got it working - tried printing from Word and that worked fine by specifying Letterhead or Plain, instead of tray, this worked ok, so again looked at document defaults on the Renewals Printer and the tray assignment was set to tray4 which for some reason it was ignoring, changed this to letterhead and from there it has worked perfectly.

thanks for your assistance.

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