how to block ddos a webserver on pix 501


I have a webserer on internal LAN of PIX 501. The PIX forward port 80 to this webserver, but recently, I have my friend ran a DDOS to my webserver and it die after 3 second. I though PIX 501 already configure for this purpouse, but it's not.

Can anyone show me how to enable this ddos on PIX 501?

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Actually to answer your questiosn and have your protection on the firewall and not on the webserver....

static (inside,outside) outsideip insideip netmask 100 70

The 100 and 70 at the end are what enables  your DDOS protection.

The 100 means I will accept 100 connection to this device.  
THe 70 means I will accept 70 half open / embryonic connections (syn flood)
You can choose numbers that you want, 1000 700, 5000 3500.  Just keep a 70% ratio on the last number.

After I reach these number I (PIX) will then act as a proxy to the web server.  I will engage in a 3-way TCP handshake. THose that do handshake, I will pass along to the webserver.

By ddos you mean Distributed Denial of Service?

Remember that the pix is a security device. If you are doing this and after a few minutes it times out then it means that the pix is sensing an attack and droping the traffic.
Please let me know if this clears your questions
arron9112003Author Commented:
Yes, it's Distribute Denial of Service test.

Doesn't look like it do what you say, it forward all packages to my internal webserver and webserver become overload then httpd just halted. I'm looking for a solution to put a rule on pix501 device to do prevention of ddos attatch.

There should be command lines to create this rule for the pix, but I'm not a big fan of CISCO so I don't have any idea how ;-)
I hope some one can give me a hint on this.

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arron9112003Author Commented:
I want the PIX able to block access on which ever IPADDRESS that send DDOS attatch. Can it be done?

arron9112003Author Commented:
I don't want it blocks access on normal users access the webserver(port 80), just block DDOS IP.
arron9112003Author Commented:
I found this, and it does what I want
arron9112003Author Commented:

Actualy, I have this set up:

static (inside,outside) tcp interface www www netmask 250 150

This is more specific to port 80.
Thanks for your explain.

case close.
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