Recognize music as 'music'

If I click, from the Start menu, my 'My Music', i have several folders there grouped by artist name.
If I right-click any of those artists, I can choose "Add to Now Playing List"
These are all the songs that I have on my primary partition.

I have a secondary partition, which is a volume mount point (labeled as Albums) where I have entire albums stored.
If I right click 'most' of the albums there, I get the same "Add to Now Playing List" option.  But there are a couple that do not.  My guess is that they aren't recognized by Window's as properly-creted Music folders (for whatever reason)>

So, where's that stored?  The registry, presumably.  But I've been unable to locate it...
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You can right click a folder, then properties, then customize tab.
Then select music, best for playlists.
Are the ones that do not show the "Add to Now Playing List" in a different format than the others?  i.e. .mp3, wav, wma
sirbountyAuthor Commented:
Note: these were all ripped from a CD using the same mechanism (windows media player)

There are 'some' that are mp3 that work and don't work.
There are some wma that work and don't work.
or at least experiment with that menu a bit.
sirbountyAuthor Commented:
Good catch...that was it - I just needed to customize the properties...
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