Protect a folder in Hard Disk which will be used across systems


I am having a hard disk which I use for data transfers. So I will be connecting the disk in many systems. I have some personal data in that hard disk, which I don't want others to see or access. I need to protect my personal folder.

But since I am connecting my hard disk across various systems, I can't install a software which is going to work only in the installed system.

So is there any way to protect the data ? Please respond....

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JammyPakConnect With a Mentor Commented:
venishjoeAuthor Commented:
Thanks, JammyPak

But what will happen if I connect my hard disk in a computer running Win 9x? Will it be still in-accessable? I need some thing which should be working in all Windows OS.

PowerITConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It will certainly be 'in-accessable' on Win9X.
In fact the whole partition will be inaccesible as EFS needs the harddrive to be formatted in NTFS.
And Win9X doesn't understand NTFS.
To solve this, you can create two partitions on the disk to suppert Win9X: one NTFS and one FAT32.
Or use third party software. Just google 'file encryption' and you'll get a ton of those, even open source and freeware.

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