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I am setting up a poin to point T1 between 2 sites. One side will connect to my main office and the other to a remote site. I will be using a Cisco 1841 router and i am not sure of the commands for this router. I have done this connection a few times with 2612's. Currently at this site I am using a pix 501 and doing a site ot site vpn to a pix 520 over cable modem. I have 3 printers with outside static address's that are natted to 3 inside addresses on the pix 501. When I change this connection I need to change the printers IP address's since i will not have the cable modem anymore. Do I need to do port fowarding on the 520 to accomplish this without using a bunch of my outside ip addresses? Thanks
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It doesn't appear to me that you would need to do any port forwarding to accomplish you goal of continuing to use the printers, unless I am missing something. If you have an internal IP of the one printer as, then the router should router traffic to the printer from the main site.

Just ensure that the users who print to these printers have the correct IP addresses configured for their printer, i.e.,, 201, 202.
This is the configuration for my 1841 "T1" connection. It is configured as any other device.

Router#conf t
Router(config)#int Serial0/0/0
Router(config-if)#ip address

Is your T1 going to be firewalled?

I would think that since both sites are going to be connected via a T1, there will be no need to use port forwarding on a firewall. the router would simply route the traffic to the proper destination.

Our set up is like this.

Campus A ----Router ----- Mail Filter/Proxy-------PIX--------DSL
                      |                      RRAS
Campus B-------

Campus B has outside access except through campus A .

shapiro360Author Commented:
There is no firewall between these 2 sites:

 main site  --  Router----Switch[ corporate Lan]---pix--router-- ISP
                       :                            Fiber        : T1 Point to Point
 remote    --  Router
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