Connect office phone to PC so I can make calls through USB or headphones/mic headset

I am using Skype now to make some calls/save a few dollars on long distance charges.  That works great for outbound calls.  However, every time I need to pick up an incomming call, I have to change headsets from my skype headset to the plantronics headset connected to our office phone system.  I cant connect the phone directly from the wall and use a phone center type solution because we have an office phone system with multiple extensions.

My question is this.  Is there a way to connect the phone from where the headset would plug in directly into my PC modem connection, and then be able to use either a USB headset or a headset that plugs into the speaker/mic ports, and take the calls from my office system?  Basically, I want to press the line that I want to dial from or pick up, to establish the line as "active" - from my existing phone.  Any time there is a dialtone or "open" line, I would want the PC to recognize this, and put the sound through the headset and take any sound from the mic, and basically function as my "handset" for my phone.

Thank you in advance for a solution.
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first of all, your request has nothing to do with connecting your phone to your modem since you just want to reroute sound...

you have two possibilites:

#1 - hardware solution

connect two splitters to the end of your headset & reroute one pair of the wires (1 input & 1 output) to your phone, & the other, to your computer's sound card... make sure that "mic boost" isn't turned on in your computer's volume control.

you might have to go look around at Radio Shack to find all the components you need to hook the various types of connectors to eachother (i.e. your soundcard input & output are probably regular 1/2" stereo plugs, as is your headset, but i'm not sure if the input/output on your phone is that type, so you'll have to buy converter(s)).

with this solution, both your computer and phone can hear you from one headset since you're sending and receiving signals from both to the same headset. in fact, you could use both at the same time...

#2 - software solution

connect your phone's output to your soundcard's linein & your phone's input to your soundcard's lineout... That way, you can use your computer's soundcard to send & receive signals to/from your phone directly through the headset conected to the soundcard's mic input... simply unmute the linein & lineout channels in your volume control to head, make sure you have "mic" selected as your linout "source", & speak through your headseet to transmit to your phone (you can leave them unmuted all the time so you don't have to do it manually whenever you get a call).

with this solution, you'll only need one or two cables going from the linein/lineout of your soundcard to your phone's headset plug... everything else is controlled by your soundcard...
Another solution:

Look for a slighty old modem. Then what you can do is set the modem volume. Simply plug in the phone line, and turn up the volume. The sound will play into your computer speakers/headphones.

This is a little sketchy, I know, but I you google it, there are tons of sites with info on this subject. Just make sure you minus the word mobile.
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