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Webhosting in Tomcat

I am trying to host a website directly from Tomcat.  How do I accomplish this.

When I type in www.xyz.com right now I have setup IIS to redirect it to www.xyz.com:8080/abc/ 

Where "abc" is the in the webapps folder of Tomcat.

Even if I install Tomcat on Port 80 instead of 8080 it still does not work.

I was able to setup IIS+Tomcat integration but that does not meet all my needs.

I need to be able to host multiple websites in my Tomcat App SErver.

Like how it is possibel to host muptile website on IIS  using HOST HEADERS under Advanced.

Can somebody please guide me on how i can accomplish this.

Is Apache Web SErver+Tomcat the right combination?

Please let me know

1 Solution
in server.xml change your:
<Connector address="ip" port="80"  />

and in the <Host> scope use something like:

<Context path="/" reloadable="true"  reload="true"  docBase="/path/to/your/application">
neokeetAuthor Commented:
Sorry for the late ack. The first part worked but do Host do you have an example like do  I have to create different hosts for different webaddresses like

www.xyz.com will be in one host

www.abc.com will be in another host

Also please can u provide an snippet or example


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