know anything about wireless ethernet adapters?

specifically i am trying to use one in a thin client terminal running windows ce 5.0
it's the exact model of wireless ethernet adapter that they recommended but the setup is not clear. this particular model (ASUS WL-330g) can act as  a pocket wireless access point or ethernet adapter. it's difficult to setup however, because the setup program runs from cd and my thin client terminals don't have that or a full OS. so i'm having to set them up from my computer.
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jhanceConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Sorry, I misunderstood.  The WL-330g is a ethernet <--> wireless adapter (a.k.a. a gaming adapter).  These have an internal web server that gets you to the configuration page.  It's default IP is: so you'll need to connect that in your web browser and configure it.  If you default IP is not in this subnet you will need to change your IP.
If the hardware has been detected by Windows CE you should see it in the SYSTEM control panel.  If not, then you are missing the proper drivers.  The terminal vendor should have provided the drivers for the cards they support/recommend or at least provide instructions on how to install them.
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