PCI communication error

I have searched the site and none of the related topics seem to work.  I am trying to fix a friends computer.  It is a dell demension 4100, all the parts are what came with the machine.  PentiumIII  1ghz.  Windows ME.  We believe the modem is conexant(says it on the card) but that could be the problem.

We formatted the computer because he wanted a fresh install.  When everything was done we couldn't the computer to communicate with the modem and there is a PCI communication device error.  The resource and OS disc are not useful.  The Dell website and tech support are very useless(hung up on them actually).  I have tried finding drivers my self but I really cannot figure much out.

I think I may need to get chip set drivers but I cannot find them.  Any suggestions or websites would be much appriciated.
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Greetings, jeebwise !

1. You need to determine the model number of you modem, then find the drivers. Everest or Driver Magic will do that for you

Everest Home Edition
Everest Ultimate Editon Trial
Driver Magic

Best wishes!
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