CFFILE Upload error "String Index out of range: -18"

I am attempting to use CFFILE to upload an MS Excel file from my PC to a server.  Unfortunately, I am getting the "String Index out of range:  -18" error.  Code is below.

<cffile action="upload" filefield="fileupload" destination="\\server\xxx\yyyy" nameconflict="overwrite">

In the form struct the "fileupload" variable looks as if it is set to this:


I would expect something like C:\foldername\file.xls

Help is greatly appreciated!
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Take a look at this question/solution.  It might help
dkbailey1Author Commented:
I read through this earlier.  I apparently have gotten lucky, in that I took part of the path from CGI.CF_TEMPLATE_PATH, and appended it to my folder\file in the destination source of CFFILE.  It works now, but I still do not grasp why I have ended up with a string that starts with a Drive letter, and not one where I use //servername/etc.

Can you help clarify what is going on?
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