Changing background color selections in tiger 10.4.6

Is there anyway to add additional colors to the "solid Colors" option in the "Desktop and Screensaver" system preference?  I would like solid black, but the closest is a blue or gray.

Any ideas?
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GrnPhoenixConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Easy Cheesy!

Go into a drawing program make a 6" Square, fill it with all black, save it as a file called "Black" as a .jpg to the desktop, or, follow the steps below to save it directly to the folders.

Open the HD go to Library>Desktop Pictures and drag it in.

Go down the list to Screen Savers and do the same.

Happy computing!
abenageAuthor Commented:
Well, that definately works, but it seems a little kludgy to me.  I would have thought apple would have a more direct approach for something like this...

Thanks for the information!

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