Want to create backup jobs for some of the drives on the server

I have never done anything with backing up of the drives so need help.
There are some of the backup jobs that are running on the server to backup D:\ drive on another server. this seems not to be working i am not able to use the backed up file to restore the data.

But for now i want to start fresh and create a backup job that will backup D:\ of lets say 90.xxx.xxx.11 server and put this backup file on 90.xxx.xxx.22 server. I want to be able to use this 90.xxx.xxx.22 servers file and restore the data.
it should pretty straight forward but as i said i havent done it before.
Please respond if more explaination is required.

In short just trying to backup a drive on other server (backup server)

Thanks in advance
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rindiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
When you start ntbackup you'll see the possibilty to schedule the task in one of the tabs. It is all rather self explaining...
First you need a backup program that will do a snapshot of the open system files, else the backup cannot make a runnable drive.  Look at Acronis True Image which will make a compressed backup to a remote network drive, and then you can restore not just the data, but the running OS files and registry to the server.  You dont need any special instructions, just follow the prompts in Acronis true image, it is very simple and very obvious.

I think you would enjoy using Drive Sanpshot  (free trial 30 days)

its a tool that made for YOU and very easy.

dont hesitate to ask more questions
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Tell me about drive Snapshot, does it backup the open system and registry files while XP is running?  Can it clone files to a remote network drive?  Can it do individual files, or is it limited to a compressed image?  I am interested to learn about it....
What is the OS?

If NT type, then start ntbackup from a command prompt and you will see all the mounted drives. Now you can use the wizard to select what you want to backup, then select the destination (mounted drive). You will then get *.bkf (I think) files on the destination which you can restore using ntbackup.
Junior_DeveloperAuthor Commented:
I want to use the windows backup as i am doing it for my company, i cannot use the trial softwares.
Please guide how to use the windows backup efficiently. how to schedule the backup?
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