Compatiblilty issue w/ new graphics card on my ASUS A7V600-X mobo.

I have an ASUS A7V600-X mobo w/ 2x 256MB and 1x 512MB PC2700 RAM chips.  Ever since I installed a "eVGA Geforce 6600GT 128-A8-N350" I have been having boot issues and random blue screens.  I'm wondering if this has anything to do w/ the clock speeds.

Here's the GPU info:

Brand eVGA
Model 128-A8-N350
Interface AGP 4X/8X
Chipset Manufacturer NVIDIA
GPU Geforce 6600GT
Core clock 500MHz
PixelPipelines 8
Memory Clock 900MHz
Memory Size 128MB
Memory Interface 128-bit
Memory Type GDDR3

Is this GPU incompatible w/ my mobo?

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I would try a different nVidia driver - I have the same card, and I found that some driver versions caused different artifacts or errors to appear.  The speed of the video card does not have an effect, unless you are overclocking it.
Does the card require a separate power connection, and if it does, is it plugged in?
kellytroymAuthor Commented:
Yes it does.  Here's some more info on the card:

The card also has an aftermarket cooler unit connected to it:

The 4-pin connector from the PC's PSU is connected to the graphics card, and the fan is connected to the old fan's port on the graphics card.

Thank you.
Sounds like the card may have issue's, and may need to be replaced, a couple things to check first what size is your power supply? how hot is the card getting?
kellytroymAuthor Commented:
It's a 350 watt power supply.  I don't have any utilities that monitor the gpu temp/fan speed, but it doesnt' appear to be getting too hot.

Do you think this would have anything to do w/ the high clock speed of the gpu and the low clock speed of the RAM and CPU?  Would that present some sort of hardware conflict?
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