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Exchange Server 2K3 can't send SMTP via ISP's smart host - "must check for new mail before sending mail"

I have a client with SBS2003 using Exchange.  Their individual POP3 accounts at the ISP are picked-up by Exchange and distributed internally.  Because they have no static IP, we are sending mail to the ISP's smart host rather than delivering directly.  Recently the are getting *some* not all of their messages returned with the following message:  

"Relaying denied: You must check for new mail before sending mail."

How do I force Exchange to retrieve mail on an account before trying to send?

Can it check only one of the valid accounts yet forward mail from any internal user?

Perhaps unrelated - can I have Exchange check for new mail more often than every 15 minutes (and might this solve the problem)?
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I do not think, taht changing the polling interval will solve your problem. The POP3 poll program, which is included in SBS, is a seperate program, so that polling mails and sending mails are different tasks.

A few providers forced their customers to first poll down mails before they can send mail. This is usually a question, how these providers are handling authentication. To really solve it, you should talk to your provider, if there is no other way or a different server you can use for sending mails.
You may find that simply adding your account information in to the SMTP Connector may fix this problem.

What many ISPs do is use the same authentication process for both sending and receiving email. With Exchange, you aren't receiving email at the same time (like you do in Outlook Express), hence the message.

Jepp, what Simon said is the solution in mostly cases.

You can set the credential within the connector properties - tab "enhanced" --> outgoing security, there use the credentials for one of the mailboxes, you pull down with the SBS Poll program.

If you do not have setup a connector, setup one (rather than using "outgoing security" within the virtual SMTP server properties)
orhikerAuthor Commented:
Implemented the account info in the SMTP connector, and am waiting long enough to be sure this is the solution, then will post & close the question.
You can just see it, if the mail goes out if you temporary disable the polling service.
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