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Losing Session Information

After installing Fix Pack 16 (WAS version, some parts of my web app are losing the session information.  The app works correctly in WSAD (i can't duplicate this problem in development), and worked on the web server prior to the fix pack.

i.e.: this no longer evaluates correctly:

if (!(session.getAttribute("LoggedIn").equals("Y"))) { // If not logged in...
<jsp:forward page="/plzlogin.jsp">

I can navigate around certain portions of the app and wont lose the session data, and one particular page I have to load twice before I lose the session data.  I haven't been able to identify the common elements between pages that cause me to lose the data.

Any ideas?

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Can you post the sesion related code in the pages that are loosing the data ? Are you creating a new session by any chance ?
WebSPhere treates the sessions from secured pages differently from the unsecured pages. The Sessions created and updated from the secure pages are not visible from unsecured pages. Please verify whether you are navigating between secure and un secure pages.

We do secure all the pages in the navigation series for a given busines function.
One of the major reasons forloosing the session info is moving between secure and unsecure pages in the flow. The Websphere will not allow access of sessions created on secure pages from unsecure pages.

Another reason is if the user is creating a new session in any of the pages unintentionally. Since the original poster never got back to us , there is no way to know what was the reason in this case, but  my answer shall help others in similar situations.
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