Explorer "Send Page" results in "Exchange Server unavailable" message

I have a user that has a number of computers in is home connected to the main office LAN via a dedicated T1.  He has a number of computers that access outlook with no problem.  On one computer though, when he attemtps to either send a link or send a page, when looking at a web site in Explorer, after a long delay, he gets the pop up window: Your Microsoft Exchange Server is unavailable.  However, this computer has no problem accessing the exchange email.  Also, other comuters in the home don't have any problem doing a send page or send link, only this one computer.  I have verified that the default email program indicated in explorer is MS Outlook.

Any suggestions?

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Michael EbbesonOwner, PGM TechAsked:
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BembiConnect With a Mentor CEOCommented:
I think I understand.

Try the following:

On that machine, go to "Documents and settings - user name - Sent to" folder. There you find the link settings, which are usually used for this functionality. Compare the properties, especially for "sent to mail recipient" with a working system.

If the problem is more machine related (means, all users on this machine are affected), it maybe that you have a MAPI problem on that machine. In that case, you should try to reinstall outlook. MAPI problems can occur, if you install any third party application, which instals any MAPI files for its own purpose. MS has stopped distibuting development redistibutables for MAPI due to version conflicts.
Long dealys are usually a hint to name resolution problems or connection problems. You should make sure, that the network setup of this client is correct. Compare the settings with the working clients.

Check name resolution from the client against exchange
nslookup ExchangeServer (NetBios)
nslookup ExchangeServer.yourdomain.com (FQDN)
nslookup IP address (Reverse)

Also check the Internet settings and compare them with the working machines.

Also possible, that a firewall is preventing this machine from accessing the internet, Does this machine be able to access the internet as all other machines?
Michael EbbesonOwner, PGM TechAuthor Commented:
Thanks Bembi for the quick answer, but i just want to make sure you fully understand the situation:

1.  This one computer that is getting the "exchange not available" message when attempting to send a page or link from MS Explorer has not other problems other then this.

2.  The computer is question is able to browse the internet with no problem, is accessing shared files from the server ok and is able to send and receive emails using MS outlook with no problem.

3.  The only problem they have is on this one computer, and only when they attemtp to "send page" or "send link" from MS Explorer do they get the message, "Exchange Server unavailable" after looking at the hour glass for a minute or so.

It has to do with the mechanics of what the programs go through when are send page or send link request is processed.  Is it a MS Explorer problem, or an Outlook problem?  Is there a work around?  Is there some registery setting that is pointing to the wrong place just in support of this send page request?

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