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I have just installed three of our new exchange 2003 boxes in our 5.5 environment but i am not seeing the exchagne tabs in the user properties.  None of the exchange boxes are DC and the admin tools are install on one of the boxes.  Do i need to install exchagne system manager on a DC to be able to see them or is ADC not working correctly?

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BembiConnect With a Mentor CEOCommented:
You need to run setup / forestprep once within your AD forest.
You need to run setup /domainprep once in each AD domain you have
You need to install the admin tools on the servers or machines, which are used to administer the exchange. This must not be the DC, usually it is the exchange itself. If you have not installed the admin tools on a machine, you will not see the enhanced tabs for exchange, if you open AD Users and Computers.

In your environment, you should see the tabs on the one machine, where you have installed the admin tools, which must not necessarily an exchange box.
hamel01Author Commented:
Ok Thats what i thought.  i'll give it a try.
ESM , please install it.
If its a different domain , then domain prep.
Forest prep not needed as the schema is already expanded ( once ina forest )

hamel01Author Commented:
Yep thats what it was.  I remeber hearing about that somewhere but it has been a while since i had the exchange classes.  Thanks bembi!
You are welcome...
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