Access Project server on a different domain with Project Pro

I am trying to access a Project server with Project Professional, but the server is on a different domain.  The problem is it only gives me the option of windows authentication (which uses the windows account on the client) or Project username. Is there anyway to specify a windows account other than the one I am currently logged in on?  Thanks in advance.
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BembiConnect With a Mentor CEOCommented:
MS Project Professional:
You can either use MS Project server accounts, or windows authentication with a trust relationship between the domains.
RobertoEscalanteTroncoConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Make a Click in Start, All programs, and then press shift in the keyboard and make a right click on the internet explorer, select the "Run As.." option in the context menu.

Put the New credentials and navigate to the pROJECT wEB aCCESS sITE ( pwa)
You can try, what Roberto said, also with MS Project Pro, to run the progam under a different account (in this case under the credential of a user from the foreign domain). The lack of this is, that MSP Pro uses also parts of OWA and differnt technologies (XML / ODBC), and here is the question, if all this works together. Nevertheless this method works within the same domain, just try it.

Another option maybe to use a terminal server session. In that way, you can connect to a remote machine, which is member of the foreign domain. If MSP Pro is installed on this machine, you can work as you would be on the local network.

Last point is, you can also use MSP Pro to connect directly to a remote network. This works in general, but needs a lot of settings on the remote site. To do that, you will need a local acoount within the remote domain and the admin of the remote domain has to grant access to this account to several services. Especially, this method is not recommended, if there is a firewall between your netwok and the remote network. Teh remote side would have to open some sensible ports, espc. ODBC / SQL server.

Last but not least, what is about a VPN connection to the remote network?
harisrashidConnect With a Mentor Commented:
if you are using active directory you can link / port active directory for mapped accounts on two domains.

Project Server is designed to allow project server on a different domain and different servers. It does not need to be on the domain of the users.

Project Server 2003 enables you to synchronize security groups in Active Directory with Project Server security groups, or to populate the Project Server Enterprise Resource Pool with members of an Active Directory security group. By using Active Directory synchronization, you can simplify your Project Server security and resource management processes. The Active Directory Connector in Project Server 2003 facilitates Active Directory synchronization as long as the computers on which Active Directory and Project Server 2003 are running are located in trusted domains.


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