I have looked on the internet about  the useage of these commands:

But I don't know exactly in what circumstances I will need them. I heard that they are very useful in network troubleshooting.

any clarifications?

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-nbtstat is a Microsoft command that allows you to see NetBios status on connections from your machine to others, what NetBios name your host has on the network, etc.
-arp is a command that lets you see what layer 3 IP addresses are bound to what layer 2 MAC addresses on your machine, and in your arp cache
-telenet is actually "telnet", and allows you to remotely connect to a host that accepts connections that way (typically, network devices or Unix workstations etc. that support command-line interfaces)

If you are running WinXP or 2000, you can search for those commands in Help, and it will give you a more detailed description of what they are on a Microsoft box.
hi ,ya like that commands are very useful in network troubleshooting but they are many of other commands are useful
BTW the using of the above commands
abt nbtstat check this : http://techrepublic.com.com/5100-1035-1058328.html

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