Default Global Address List edit permissions

Ok i just went into Exchange System Manager and gave a user of mine full permissions on the Global Address List. Recipients/All Global Address Lists/Default Global Address List/ - Properties / - Security

They are still not able to edit a users data, like a phone number from Outlook. Editing users data that is listed in the gloabl address list can only be edited from Active Directory..... Correct?

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The user data is stored in the AD, that is correct.
But you can install the Windows Server Admin-Tools on a client (XP), so a user would be able to open the AD - Users and computers MMC to edit the user properties.
Also you can use the ADSIEdit tool to access the AD to make changes  (not recommended for unexperienced users, as changes are made directly in the AD).
NugsAuthor Commented:
This is what i want to avoid. This user must only be able to edit the AD phone number and email addresses, basically keep the company contact info up to date. But they are not experienced and can not be given access to AD.

That answers my question, just needed the confirmation.


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